"I started Training with Rob in September 14. Rob was great at getting to know me quickly and assessing where I was physically, what my limitations were and understanding my goals. I am on a swim team and Rob has always taken this into consideration when preparing my workouts.

It was clear from the beginning that Rob is well educated and has vast experience in his vocation. I have gained more strength and flexibility during the time I have been working with Rob then I ever did before. Rob emphasizes good posture with correct movements; this combination has given me great results. Because Rob shares his knowledge with me I feel at ease in the gym and when I work out on my own I have become extremely efficient.

You can see that Rob enjoys what he does and cares about his clients; he wants me to be successful on my swim team."

- Brad Pacaud, Executive Assistant

"I was first introduced to Rob when I joined the gym a couple of years ago and started working with him to lose the last few pounds that are always difficult to shed. In conjunction with a cardio program, Rob motivated me to get back into lifting weights by using a combination of free weights, bands and body weight. Rob always preached proper warm-up and movement prior to exerting my body through the weight training program. Not only did I reach my desired weight but I also gained strength and co-ordination throughout the program. That was our first success together.

Earlier this year, I decided to work with him again but this time to help me prepare to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro I am quite active but am not great at working on my legs and often have issues with my knees after two ACL surgeries. Lunges, squats and other lower body movements have been a problem for me for many years. Rob was great at assessing imbalances in my hips and creating a variety of exercises that helped stabilize my hips as well as strengthen and stretch my legs.

I injured myself outside of the gym 2 months before the climb. I was nervous about the climb but Rob stayed patient and worked to strengthen my core and upper body while providing exercises to build up my troubled areas. He was great to suggest I see a physiotherapist and to work in the exercises recommended by the physiotherapist. He is incredibly knowledgeable and takes a holistic approach to training. I have the utmost respect for Rob and his training style."

- Sue Dick,
Director, IT User Services